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More About the SnowTrak™
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How It's Put Together

There are two sections with a uniquely shaped bottom surface. When straight and level, the snow contacts the flat bottom of the sections and does not contact the edges, which are raised up off of the snow. The FlexConnector™ joins the two sections so that they can move up-and-down or side-to-side. Turning left or right involves leaning in the direction of the turn (engaging the snow with the lowered edge) and/or pointing the section(s) with your feet.

Riding the SnowTrak™

You will be comfortable and having fun on the SnowTrak™ after only a few runs. The freedom and maneuverability are exhilarating. Landing a jump is easier than a snowboard because of the raised edges. Charging down the mountain with a non-stop wheelie, or carving in tight circles are both second nature to the SnowTrak™.

Unique Advantages of a SnowTrak™

  • Vertical flex between the sections allows you to effortlessly ride down the mountain on one foot
  • Left-to-right flex between the sections gives
    • Greatly increased control and maneuverability
    • Amazingly tight turns
  • Combination of bottom with raised edges and the FlexConnector™ provide
    • New maneuverability -- for riding the mountain, for riding mounds/moguls, for tricks.
    • New tricks in the air/on the ground
  • When you're riding the mountain, other riders constantly chase you down and ask where they can buy one...